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Frequently Asked Questions

1My Air Conditioner isn’t cooling
My Air Conditioner Will not blow any Cold Air
If your air conditioning system will come on, however, it does not blow any cool air out of the vents, then first check to see if all your vents are set at open, along with checking to see if you have your thermostat on the right temperature. If none of that fixes your problem, then next you should take a look at your air filter. It could be clogged up with dirt, dust or additional kinds of debris. If so, no air can get through. Additionally, a clog could make your evaporator coils freeze up, and the resulting frost and ice clogs up your air flow worse than ever. If so, you need to clean your filter. To do so, get some mild soap, warm water and a soft brush. Air filters should be changed often so you can avoid that issue happening again. It’s also possible the fan or the fan’s motor has gone bad. If your fan can be turned easily, maybe the electricity isn’t getting to your fan motor. Another possibility is the refrigerant line is leaking. If any of those things are the issue, you will likely have to hire a certified HVAC technician, who can come to your home or office to inspect your air conditioning unit.
2My Air Conditioner Isn’t Cold Enough
Once again, check to see if the vents are all opened up. If there is even a single vent that’s closed, it will cause the unit to have a harder time cooling the whole house. That’s due to the fact warm air in the room where the vent is at mixes with cold air from the rooms where the vents are open. Additionally, there could be a refrigerant line leak. If your air conditioning system was not put in correctly or it’s fairly old, likely it’s past its prime or you need a larger or even a smaller one, depending on your house size. Both can cause problems. If the A/C is too little, it has to work a lot harder to cool down the house, so it can breakdown prematurely. And if it is too big, it will have reduced efficiency due to the unit cycling off and on too fast.
3My Air Conditioner has Water Leaking from the Inside.
My Air Conditioner has Water Leaking from the Inside
To avert expensive water damage, you should turn the A/C off if you see any water leaking from it. The condensation drain line could be blocked, which would make water back up and leak into the house. If you like to do things yourself, try getting a wet/dry vacuum and use it to unlock the line. However, if that won’t fix it, you may have a rusted drain pan or the pump itself could be shot. A technician can fix or replace any parts that are damaged or get you a new pump.
4My Air Conditioner has water Leaking on the Outside
If it’s a humid or hot day, you could notice a tiny water puddle underneath the condenser unit. This is a normal occurrence, as long as this only happens when the A/C is turned on and running. If the weather’s cooler, around sixty degrees or lower, it can cause an A/C unit to freeze up, thus it will leak some water as that melts, but that’s normal to. But if the A/C is leaking in any other way, first try putting in a new filter or cleaning it off. If you still have a problem, then you will have to call a technician to fix it. It’s possible the refrigerant needs topping off, your condensation plate is broken, or the drain pipe could be blocked.
5My Air Conditioner is leaking some water even when it’s off
If the A/C filter is dirty or it’s running low on the refrigerant, it might freeze up while it’s running. Then when it is turned off, this ice will melt and that brings on the leak. Do not take a chance you’ll end up with water damage caused by the A/C dripping water on your ceiling or floor. If cleaning off the filter doesn’t fix things, do not turn it back on until you are sure of what the problem is and it’s been fixed. Just like with the previous issue of water leaking outside, something might be blocked or the condensation pan is shot.
6My Air Conditioner Will Not Turn Off
My Air Conditioner Will not quit Running
If the air conditional remains turned on for a longer period than normal, the filter could be dirty. Replace it or clean it off, and check to see if that works to fix it. If you have the wrong size of A/C or it’s an old unit, that may make it work harder, cycle on and off more, as well as have a hard time turning off. Additional issues which could make the air conditioner run all the time are: · The fun relay is stuck · The thermostat cable has a short in it · The thermostat is shot
7My Central Air Conditioner Will Not Come On
If the central A/C is not coming on, perhaps it is something simple such as you have to change the temperature on you thermostat. However, if that won’t fix it, then you need to call your technician because the HVAC system likely needs replaced or fixed
8My Window Air Conditioner Will Not Come On
Comparably, if you’re A/C is one of the types that goes in a window, you firstly ought to see what the temperature is set on. Plus be sure the system is properly hooked up to an electrical source. And as always, if none of these suggestions work to fix the issue, you need to call a technician to come fix your window air conditioner.
9My Air Conditioner Fan Doesn’t Work
My Air Conditioner Fan Doesn’t Work Inside
If you have an indoor air conditioner fan and it’s not working, you should firstly inspect your breakers and see if one is tripped. If that’s not the case, next look at the air filter. A blockage can possibly be the cause and you might be able to take care of that on your own. Look for possible ice on your refrigerant line or the evaporator coil. If so, wait for it to melt, and then look again and find out if your fan will work. If it’s not running, your coil might be frozen. You can’t fix that yourself and will have to call a technician, as likely they will have to put in new contacts inside the fan belt or fan relay, or the motor could be bad.
10My Air Conditioner Fan Doesn’t Work Outside
When the air conditioner is not properly cooling things down, you should take a look at the outdoor A/C unit. If you see the fan is not working, check to see if you blew a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. If not, there are a few things that could be causing this issue. · The start capacitor might not be working: The fan motor or the start capacitor could be broken if the compressor still runs. Push your fan using a wooden pole to see if the blades move. Do not risk doing this by hand! If your fan comes on you’ll get your fingers cut. If the stick or pole does not make the fan blades spin, it’s time to phone a technician. Turn off the A/C until the arrive, else your compressor could burn out, and that is a very pricy service call! · The outdoor fan motor is stuck: Your fan motor can be stuck due to rust or dirt. If the A/C needs more widespread repairs, it’s possible the fan motor or the fan itself has to be replaced. After the air conditioning system is fixed, be sure you schedule an annual maintenance checkup. If you do this every year, it will save you a lot of cash on your electric bill, as well as extend the life of you’re A/C unit. You won’t regret setting this up and your expert technician will be at your beck and call for any future problems.